Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stop coughing Within Minutes

A method has been tested by the Canadian Research Council in order to find an effective way how to stop coughing while sleeping jerk night fell. This method is claimed to be safe for infants and children. In addition, proved far more effective against cough in children compared with oral medication, this method is not guaranteed and free of harmful side effects. Interested?

The way is easy, that is by applying a balm mint that is made ​​specifically for cold and cough (like Vicks Vapor Rub) at the base of the foot while he was sleeping and then wear socks. Then the coughing will stop in a few minutes and you are free from the tug during your night time rest.

In addition to stop the cough, this method can make the body feel warmer. Potent enough for adults who suffer from cough for weeks.

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