Sunday, November 17, 2013


In the framework of the World No Tobacco Day which falls on May 31, following six cigarettes effects that you may not know yet!

Decreased lung health, stability mess metabolism, organ function in the body is reduced, only partly due to the effects of cigarette smoking were obtained. Not to mention the air pollution, which sometimes makes the people around you angry abysmal, due to cigarette smell less pleasant.

Hair Loss
Are you the kind of men who experience hair loss, and hardship for the cause of why hair continues to fall out? If you are a heavy smoker, meaning no need to look for the cause again. Smoking is the cause. Smoked in large quantities can cause hair loss and premature baldness. This is the case particularly in men!

Destructive Digestive Function
Smoking habits were also gives effect to the stomach and intestines, and unfortunately, not much you can do afterwards. Toxins in cigarettes will erode the lining of the stomach and do not let the digestive enzymes to work properly. This also be the cause, why heavy smokers usually experience gastrointestinal distress!

Destructive Senses Taste
If you are a heavy smoker, then it is likely that the sense of taste is in the tongue will break down more quickly. That's why heavy smokers are usually not overly trouble with super spicy foods, or foods with a sharp flavor. The tongue is not so sensitive anymore!

Smokers should get two liters of fluid intake more than normal human nonsmokers. Because smoking has a deleterious effect on the fluid balance in the body content. Smoking can cause dryness of the body. Long-term effects can be seen from dry lips, dry skin, and an assortment of problems urinals!

Reducing Energy
Many smokers can tell if they work until late at night because of smoke giving spirit. But this is not unreasonable. Because smoking is affecting your body's energy, but not the supply of the spirit of giving, but rather damage the system and the ability of the lungs! Yes, your capital is not able to provide breathing air supply to the fullest. If it were so, where might you find it has a lot of energy?

DNA damaging
When you smoke, even for the first time, the tar content in it would directly damage the DNA in your body. It is not certain, as far as what DNA damage experienced by smokers. Clearly, the effects will continue in your offspring that inherit DNA from your body!

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