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Health Tips And Exercises During Pregnancy

Take Care Your Health Before & After Pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman's body changes dramatically. The increased size and weight is the most prominent sign. As they grow breasts and belly swells, many women are convinced that your body will never recover its normal shape, but the body does not need to be altered permanently.

A proper system ensures that no excessive weight gain, and correct posture and practice gentle exercise, say that after birth the body easily and quickly return to its previous form, if not a better way.

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Possible problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period. 


Ø  During pregnancy back pain caused by the extra weight of the abdomen, which implies a greater strain on the back
Ø  Hemorroides that may be aggravated by constipation
Ø  Varicose Veins
Ø  cramps
Ø  Swollen ankles

All this can be caused by  poor circulation and standing for a long time.

 Postnatal period: 

Ø  The breasts may fall if there has been a good bra during pregnancy and after.
Ø  The back pain can come from not having adjusted the position after the birth of the child.
Ø  A protruding stomach comes from lack of exercise.
Ø  A weak control of the bladder and the swelling of the matrix may occur if not strengthened the muscles of the pelvic floor exercises. 

The following pages provide advice on posture and relaxation, and describe a few simple exercises before and after delivery. Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise.

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Posture and daily activities:

This section begins with the good and bad way to perform certain actions, such as walking, sitting and standing. The extra weight makes these actions are difficult during pregnancy, and perform them incorrectly increased tension in the abdomen and back. Good posture is important at any time, but during pregnancy is even more vital. The back stance is the most widespread cause of back pain in pregnant women.

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A pregnant woman gets tired easily, and rest in the later stages of pregnancy is essential. After 34 weeks, and earlier if possible, try to stand for 30 minutes to an hour, preferably after a meal. If it is difficult to lie down during the day, try to rest   as much as possible horizontal.

Exercises before delivery:

Health Tips & AlertPregnancy involves a considerable effort for women, and in itself is more strenuous physical activity it performs. Assuming there are no complications, most women are encouraged to continue with a normal routine, but must be careful not to over-tired. Walking is an excellent way to maintain general fitness during pregnancy.

The remaining recommended exercises are designed specifically to improve posture and circulation, and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area. These muscles support the abdominal organs and stretch like a hammock from the coccyx (tail bone) to the front of the pelvis. It is very important to learn to contract them during pregnancy to maintain its elasticity.

The posture and daily activities

Practicing good posture all the time in pregnancy will help to avoid excessive strain on your back and stomach.

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During pregnancy, there is a tendency to walk badly, with the pelvis thrust forward, increasing the curvature of the back.
The ​​best way to go is straight, head up, back straight, abdomen and chest high. When you're tired, it's easy to get into a chair with a curved spine and secured improperly. The abdomen, chest and ribs incline, causing backache.
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Sit down, on the contrary, well back in his chair, his back and thighs on the floor or on a cushion. Pulling the pelvis down and getting into the abdomen. In a normal chair, a cushion used to fasten the curvature of the back. 

To raise a child with ease, you have to crouch with knees bent and feet apart. Keeping the right column, approaching the child and straightening. 

Avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy. To lift an object from the floor, you have to bend your knees with your feet up position, keeping a straight back. 

To put on, sit in bed or chair with your legs apart, and placing the foot on the opposite knee. 
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When to use a broom and shovel, you have to bend with separate rollidas back straight. 

When they sit on the toilet, place your feet on a stool, knees wide apart, or leaning forward to avoid tensions. 

Kneel on all fours is the position best for cutting fabrics. 
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Incorrect posture when ironing is a common cause of back pain, Try to avoid bending your back and use an ironing board too low. 

For a better comfort when ironing, set diagonally to the table with one foot before the other, knees slightly bent. 
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Avoid too lean on the sink. 

On the contrary, put one leg in front of the other and bending it slightly, keeping your back straight. 

Sweeping with a broom, put one foot before the other and swinging forward and back, keeping your back straight as you sweep. 

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Try to avoid smoking in this whole time.

Postnatal exercises

  Once the baby is born, the woman wants to regain its previous rate ASAP. Therefore, we have included a section of exercises for the postnatal period. 
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 As during the antenatal period, the emphasis is on the muscles of the pelvic floor, which must be strengthened to regain proper control of the bladder, for sexual relations and to prevent bulging of the uterus in middle age. Immediately after birth, it should begin gentle exercise, but after six weeks of delivery usually carries no danger stronger exercise. 

Balanced Diet after Delivery

For nine months have probably been watching your diet as possible to give your baby the best nutrition possible. Now that you've given birth, especially if you are breastfeeding, monitor their diet with the same care will bring many benefits.

Eating well for better breastfeeding: You will be surprised to know that in studies analyzing the composition of milk from mothers in countries where famine and industrialized countries, the composition of breast milk is more or less the same. But the nutritional status of mothers who cannot eat well is much worse than that of the mothers made ​​a balanced diet. In short, what your body does not get through balanced nutrition to feed your baby, you will get.

Being well nourished will give you more energy, stamina and overall good just when you need it most: during his recovery from childbirth and in the following months. Caring for a baby requires a lot of energy and stay healthy will help you stay in shape.

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 A balanced diet: Eating well means eating proper portions for weight and height of the main food groups and avoid others, or at least eat them in moderation.

If you followed a nutritionally balanced diet during pregnancy, it is easy to continue eating this way. Because if you are breastfeeding need to add some calories to your diet, the recommended diet during pregnancy is very well adjusted to their needs because it gives those extra calories and contains sufficient calcium levels to remain stable while nursing her baby.

There are some traditional beliefs in our culture who believe that there are certain foods that should not be eaten during the quarantine because damage to the state of the matrix. According to tradition the postpartum period is a "hot" in which we must avoid things that are considered "cold." Although it is an ancient tradition, excluding fruits and vegetables from your diet is not a good idea during the postpartum period.

Your diet during the postpartum period should include: Vegetables, grains and cereals: lentils, beans, peas, rice, breakfast cereals, breads etc.
Vegetables (leafy greens, reds and yellows): spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers etc.
Fruits (including citrus fruits because they are high in vitamin C): orange, strawberry, banana, apple, peach and so on.
Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese etc.
Protein: Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, nuts and so on.
Healthy fats (in very small portions): vegetable oils, margarine, mayonnaise, dressings etc.
Sweets and unhealthy fats such as lard or trans fats should be avoided or eaten only occasionally.

Eat healthier: An effective way to eating healthy is to insert small Amerindians or healthy snacks between meals. Three meals a day, three snacks, mid-morning, a snack and at bedtime will help you avoid hunger and keep your glucose levels more stable. Some examples of healthy snacks are a fruit with a yogurt, a slice of bread with some cheese or a handful of nuts with a natural fruit juice.

Moreover, a hearty breakfast and balanced is one of the best things you can do to start the day. It will give you energy when you need to arrive hungry and avoid the lunch hour. Include in your breakfast fruit, cereals, and dairy proteins.

And above all, watch your portions. Always close to a cup that is your standard measurement of food. A vegetable serving is one cup raw, cooked vegetables a half as a serving of rice or beans. In bookstores you can find food books to calculate how to measure portions of foods you like.

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