Monday, April 9, 2012

Tips For Women (FOOD)

Food For Women Health

Healthy food

Women are more often concerned about their physical appearance and more retrenchment, by body weight. Has a greater tendency than men to follow diets to care for their image and weight control and at the same time, most often taking drugs or supplements for this purpose.
The population receive constant messages encouraging weight loss to improve their health, as the present overweight or obese is a risk factor for many diseases. However, thinning culture with fashion, have contributed unnecessarily to increase monitoring of diets dangerous to health, especially among women. The beauty and body image is the main reason that encourages dieting, while health is in the background.

Weight control is a high priority problem in Public Health from the growing number of cases of people suffering from overweight and obesity and the negative impact on health, the increased risk for certain diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, some types of cancer.
Recommendations to avoid this problem should be aimed at prevention, and in cases where there is a problem of obesity treatment should be prescribed by a specialist.
The most appropriate way to achieve a stable weight to be carrying a moderate diet varied and balanced by the practice of daily exercise

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