Friday, November 8, 2013

8 Things Causes of Yellow Teeth

This is a problem a lot of women lately. And as a solution, appeared beauty clinics offering teeth whitening method teeth.

Actually what causes teeth to yellow and not white? There are several factors behind this:

1. Age

As we get older, the teeth will be dark. Productivity in old age the body to absorb nutrients and vitamins decreases. Therefore, the body's calcium is absorbed more and more slight. While we know that the teeth very need calcium to stay strong and healthy. Toothpaste may not be much help, but the teeth still require a quality toothpaste to keep your teeth from the outside, that are not easily fragile.

2. Natural tooth color

Each person has a different base color teeth. There which basically having white teeth, but some are not. Tooth color this influenced by bone formation, which basically has different genetics.

3. Wall thickness of the tooth

Genetics and age, which large enough to influence the size of thick and thin teeth. Every person has a tooth shape and a different thickness. this wall thickness of the tooth and then affect the color of teeth. The walls which thin teeth tend to be more transparent and yellow. this type of teeth bleaching generally need to be white. While teeth tend to be light-colored thick.

4. Eating habits

Eating habits also affect the color of teeth. Some food color can make teeth become yellow and dark. Call it include: wine, coffee, tea, soda, carrots, oranges, and other foods that contain color. Foods that contain dyes that, if consumed continuously will make your teeth are not white anymore. Especially, the acid contained in sour fruits will trigger the appearance of yellow teeth.

5. Smoking habits

Nicotine bring devastating effects to the teeth. Almost all smokers impossible to have white teeth. The average of them always have teeth brown, crusty and even begin to fall. It turns nicotine in cigarettes not only wicked in the heart and the lungs, a very bad effect on teeth. Looks like you better quit smoking if you want to have a healthy body and teeth as well as the brilliant white teeth.

6. Effect of chemicals and drugs

Some of the chemicals contained in regular drugs we consume sometimes cause teeth yellowing. this section may not be avoided, because some people depending on certain drugs to help his recovery.

7. The emergence of  crust and wall thinning teeth

Stress not only causes acne on your face. Stress is also capable of causing thinning of the walls of the teeth as well as the accumulation of the crust. Especially if you are not diligent brushing your teeth. Just imagine how many germs which cause various disorders / diseases in the mouth.

8. Traumatic

Had found cases if there is traumatic, such as a fall or hard impact, also affected the color of teeth. The greater the trauma which occurred dental condition will not be good. And the darker the color of teeth.

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