Friday, November 8, 2013

Healthy With Fasting

  1. Provide opportunities all body systems (heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, lungs, pancreas) to rest. After fasting, the body's organs as regain strength so that the system is able to work more effectively and efficiently. The heart and blood vessels may break not having to work harder to pump blood to the body's organs and digestive system.
  2. Help restore the hormone balance and glands of the body.
  3. Removing toxins from the body. One of them is through the breath and skin pores, making the skin look younger and radiant
  4. Burn and remove materials that are not necessary, so as to prevent unnatural growth in the body such as tumors and swollen.
  5. Refresh all system and restore youthfulness cells, muscle tissue and blood vessels. Fasting can also slow the aging process and extend the age.
  6. Clearer mind, sharpen sensing, and improve memory. Empty stomach does not need a lot of blood for digestion, so that more blood can flow to the brain.
  7. Help eliminate the urge to smoke and drink alcohol. Eating too much will be nerve racking. Relaxation is usually sought through cigarettes and alcohol. Fasting will relax the nerves thus eliminating the desire to smoke and drink alcohol.
  8. Increase the body's resistance to infection.
  9. Relax the nerves, it means also can reduce worries.

After reading so many positive benefits of fasting, there is nothing wrong if you start this routine. After all, it's for the sake of your own health. Congratulations fast!

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